Today in the city Springfield 21.11.2017
Police Dog to Regularly Search Public Schools in Springfield

Springfield Public Schools officials have hired a canine handler to regularly search middle and high schools for drugs, bombs and guns.

The true story behind Thanksgiving is a bloody struggle that decimated the population and ended with a head on a stick

• Most American schoolchildren grow up with the story of how the English pilgrims and Native Americans came together for the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth. • In reality, peace didn't last b...

From Keurig-smashing to NFL-jersey-burning, here are some of the most high-profile protests from the right in the Trump era

Conservatives are calling for a boycott of Keurig after the coffee brand cut advertising from Sean Hannity's show.  Other high-profile, right-wing protests include burning NFL jerseys,...

Arkansas Bridge Project Recognized for Restoration Efforts

An Arkansas historic preservation nonprofit has given an award to the Springfield Bridge Preservation Project.

Springfield Medical School Finds Violation in Herpes Trial

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine has determined that a scientist at the school violated internal and government rules in genital herpes vaccine research.

AHL's Springfield Thunderbirds to Host David Ortiz Night, Wear Red Sox-Inspired Jerseys

David Ortiz saw countless sellouts during his days as with the Red Sox at Fenway Park, and now he’s the cause of one in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Grand Opening for Student Union at UIS Set for Mid-January

Officials say the student union at the University of Illinois in Springfield will open in January after a $21.7 million construction project.

America is running out of cassette tape

National Audio Co. is the only company in the U.S. that produces cassette tape. Now, as cassette tapes enjoy a resurgence in popularity, National Audio has less than a year's supply left of the stuff,...

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